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 Quiz 85

1 Which Mediterranean country's orchestra is bigger than its army? Monaco
2 What links stags tails, pickled worms, gallstones, tomatoes? Once thought to be Aphrodisiacs
3 Baked beans were originally served in what sauce? Treacle - molasses
4 Where can you buy a copy of Penguin News? Falkland Islands
5 Who was the hero of the old TV cop series Dragnet? Sergeant Joe Friday
6 Which African country was founded by Americans? Liberia
7 What was Britain called - before it was Britain? Albion
8 What part of a frog do you rub to hypnotise it? Its belly
9 How did multi millionaire Russell Sage save money? Not wear underwear
10 How was USA president James Buchanan different from all rest? Bachelor maybe gay
11 What's involved in 20% of car accidents in Sweden? A moose
12 What's unusual about evangelist Amy Semple McPherson coffin? Contains Telephone
13 Who would use a swozzle? Punch and Judy man
14 What does a tailor do with his plonker? Press suits
15 Churches in Malta have two what? Clocks right and wrong confuse devil
16 Marnie Nixon did what for Deborah Kerr, Natalie Wood and Audrey Hepburn? Dubbed in their singing voices
17 Which Italian tractor maker tried making cars in 1960s? Ferruchio Lamborghini
18 What first appeared on Page 1 of the Times 3 May 1966? News stories
19 Caruso put what in Nellie Melbas hand when singing and her tiny hand frozen? Hot Sausage
20 What would you do with an Edzell blue? Eat it - it's a potato





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