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Remember to check the answers with another source! When compiling large numbers of questions, mistakes can and sometimes do happen. Tip: A quick way to check the questions and/or answers is to use Google.

 Quiz 85a - A Special Quiz

Recently I have been corresponding via email with Bill Turnbull who has helped me to correct some errors within my quizzes. Bill has been compiling quizzes for a long time and the following quiz is one that Bill has kindly allowed me to publish. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks Bill.

Bill says "ACTING ON A REQUEST THIS WEEK'S OFFERING IS 40 QUESTIONS WITH 20 ANSWERS AND THEY ALL BEGIN WITH the letter A" (Very clever - and hard work too I suspect)

1. What was Victoria Beckham's maiden surname? - Adams
2. What is the name of a tremor that occurs after an earthquake? - Aftershock
3. What cleaning product was advertised as "Stronger than dirt"? - Ajax
4. Who was the original host of Mr and Mrs? - Alan Taylor
5. What is the only UK No. 1 single for Fleetwood Mac? - Albatross
6. What is fortified wine fortified with? - Alcohol
7. To help drivers at night what colour are the studs which mark the right hand edge of the road? - Amber
8. What was the fist name of Hudson in Upstairs Downstairs? - Angus
9. What was advertised with the slogan "This dirt says hot, the label says not"? - Ariel
10. Policemen no longer use the traditional truncheon what is the new instrument called? - An asp
11. Which rugby side are also known as the Wizards of the West? - Aberavon
12. What surname was shared by the second and sixth presidents of the USA? - Adams
13. Which one hit wonder took Slave To The Vibe to number eleven in 1993? - Aftershock
14. What is the chemical symbol for aluminium? - Al
15. What was called a servant regulator by the Victorians? - Alarm clock
16. What was the pop-up figure called in the fun house in The Man With the Golden Gun? - Al
17. What is the name of Batman's butler? - Alfred
18. Which F1 team failed to turn up for the 2002 Hungarian Grand Prix and have not been seen on an F1 track since? - Arrows
19. In CB jargon what is a bone box? - Ambulance
20. What type of snake is reputed to have been used by Cleopatra when committing suicide? - An asp
21. ODD OR DAMN INSANE (Showbusiness anagram)? - Adrian Edmondson
22. Which British motor cycle manufacturer made the Square Four? - Ariel
23. What was the name of Christopher Robin's nurse? - Alice
24. Following the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, the US Army produced a set of playing cards featuring its 52 most wanted Iraqis. Which card was assigned to Saddam Hussein? - Ace of Spades
25. Geoffrey Howe was made a lord he is now known as Lord Howe of where? - Aberavon
26. Which British motor manufacturer used to make the Ruby? - Austin
27. Who played Eddie Didgeridoo Catflap in the TV sitcom Filthy, Rich and Catflap? - Adrian Edmondson
28. What song did Motorhead take into the charts in 1980 and again in 1993? - Ace of Spades
29. In Greek mythology which son of Telamon fought Hector in single combat? - Ajax
30. According to the poem what kind of bird did the Ancient Mariner kill? - Albatross
31. What was the name of Claude Greengrass' dog in Heartbeat? - Alfred
32. What household implement was swallowed by the crocodile in Peter Pan? - Alarm clock
33. Who is the engineer with the big triangular hair-style in the Dilbert cartoons? - Alice
34. Jean Dominique Larrey developed which type of vehicle? - Ambulance
35. What is added to soap to make it clear? - Alcohol
36. Who scored both West Ham's goals in the 1975 FA Cup Final victory against Fulham? - Alan Taylor
37. What is the fossilised resin of coniferous trees called? - Amber
38. What is the state capital of Texas? - Austin
39. In which Scottish county is Glamis Castle? - Angus
40. What is used to tell the future in belomancy? - Arrows


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