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Remember to check the answers with another source! When compiling large numbers of questions, mistakes can and sometimes do happen. Tip: A quick way to check the questions and/or answers is to use Google.

 Quiz 90a - General Knowledge - More from Bill Turnbull:

"You might want to change question 19 but it went down a bomb in my local, so I left it in for you" Bill - Adults only!

1. What type of birds are Beltsville Whites, Broad Breasted Bronze and Norfolk Blacks? - Turkeys
2. Which British aircraft company made the original Gnat jet trainer? - Folland
3. What is considered to be the cowboy capital of America? - Dodge City
4. In what year was the political party Plaid Cymru founded? - Nineteen twenty five
5. Which English actress plays the part of Mrs Weasley in the Harry Potter films? - Julie Walters
6. Who was lead singer with UB 40? - Ali Campbell
7. What sport is played by Detroit Lions? - American football
8. What type of tree was Newton supposedly sitting under when he formulated his theory of gravity? - Apple (remember an apple fell on his head, believe that you'll believe anything)
9. What is the name of Tony Soprano's wife in the Sopranos? - Carmela
10. The musical Oliver was based on a novel by which author? - Charles Dickens
11. What were the names of the two mascots for the 2012 Olympics? - Wenlock and Mandeville
12. What is the inscription on a Jim'll Fix It medal? - Jim Fixed it For Me
13. What is perm short for in hairdressing? - Permanent wave
14. Name both of the Bay City Roller's UK number ones (point for each)? - Bye Bye Baby and Give a Little Love
15. What is the collective noun for hamsters? - Horde
16. Who was known as the demon barber of Fleet Street? - Sweeney Todd
17. What was author Barbara Cartland's favourite colour? - Pink
18. Which British prime minister was known as Sunny Jim? - Jim Callaghan
19. Who said to a huge TV audience in 1977, “Oh that's nice the wife of the Cambridge President is kissing the cox of the Oxford crew”? - Harry Carpenter
20. What was the name of the woman in the Australian dingo baby case? - Lindy Chamberlain

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