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Remember to check the answers with another source! When compiling large numbers of questions, mistakes can and sometimes do happen. Tip: A quick way to check the questions and/or answers is to use Google.

 Quiz 92a - General Knowledge - Another great quiz from Bill Turnbull:


1. What is the only English anagram of the word RELATIVES? - VERSATILE
2. What is the name of the plain intelligent girl in glasses in Scooby Doo? - Velma
3. What flavouring is added to brandy and egg yolks to make advocaat? - Vanilla
4. What according to the Buggles killed the radio star? - Video
5. Which British motor racing team was launched by Tony Vandervelt? - Vanwall
6. Which Roman goddess is equivalent to the Greek Aphrodite? - Venus
7. What would an American call a waistcoat? - Vest
8. In which country is Graham Greene's The Quiet American set? - Vietnam
9. What was the nickname of the character Roland Cartwright in the TV series London's Burning? - Vaseline
10. In the TV sitcom Rising Damp what was the name of Rigsby's cat? - Vienna
11. What was the name of Jimmy James' backing group? - Vagabonds
12. Which animals indigenous to Britain have varieties called bank, grey sided, common pine and field? - Voles
13. Which motor car manufacturer took their name from the medieval home of Fulke le Breant called Fulkes Hall? - Vauxhall
14. What is the capital of Liechtenstein? - Vaduz
15. Which Italian city is the setting for Romeo and Juliet? - Verona
16. Where was the wartime seat of the Petain government of France? - Vichy
17. What did Ken Dodd begin his career in entertainment as? - Ventriloquist
18. What drink is added to brandy to make a Brandy Manhattan cocktail? - Vermouth
19. Which instrument did Lionel Hampton introduce to jazz? - Vibraphone
20. In which road do Watford play their home games? - Vicarage
21. What is the more common name for diazepam? - Valium
22. Which French philosopher said "If God didn't exist it would be necessary to invent him"? - Voltaire
23. What name is used in the Roman Catholic Church for evensong? - Vespers
24. What type of aircraft was used by Alcock and Brown when they became the first men to fly the Atlantic non stop? - Vickers Vimy
25. In which sport would you compete for the Hitachi Cup? - Volleyball
26. If dogs are canine what are wasps? - Vespine
27. What was Mozart's favourite instrument? - Viola
28. What is the pasta that is made in very thin strips called (little worms)? - Vermicelli
29. In the American sitcom Cheers what was the name of Norm's wife? - Vera
30. Who had a number one in 1999 with We're Going To Ibiza? - Vengaboys
31. Which obstacle in the Grand National is named after a horse? - Valentines
32. In which Canadian city is the Lion's Gate Bridge? - Vancouver
33. If you had your vas deferens cut, what operation would you have had? - Vasectomy
34. What male first name beginning with V means flourishing? - Vernon
35. Which woman's first name was invented by the author Jonathan Swift? - Vanessa
36. A regatta is a boat race, where was the original regatta? - Venice
37. Who designed Liz Hurley's famous safety pin dress? - Versace
38. Who were the only female priests in the ancient Roman religion? - Vestal virgins
39. What is the title of the wife of a viceroy? - Vicereine
40. On which river is Warsaw? - Vistula

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