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Remember to check the answers with another source! When compiling large numbers of questions, mistakes can and sometimes do happen. Tip: A quick way to check the questions and/or answers is to use Google.

Well folks. Here's what we've all been waiting for and I've been on edge for several days as I couldn't publish his latest quiz before his locals had seen it! 

Quiz 9b - Connections - Another great quiz from Bill Turnbull: 


1. In Treasure Island who did Blind Pew give the black spot to? - Billy Bones
2. The following are the first words to which song Heaven, I'm in heaven? - Cheek To Cheek
3. What are horses measured in? - Hands
4. What was advertised with the slogan Loves the jobs you hate? - Mr Muscle
5. On sale in the twentieth century what were Zubes? - Throat pastilles
6. By what common name is the Drinker Respirator better known? - Iron Lung (invented by Philip Drinker)
7. In England we call it a bride's bottom drawer what do Americans call it? - Hope chest
8. In Greek mythology who was the goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the gods? - Iris
9. Which piece of kit was made compulsory wear by FIFA In 1990? - Shin pads
10. Under what name was Charles Stratton exhibited by Phileas Barnum? - Tom Thumb
11. What is a codicil? - Appendix explaining, modifying or revoking a will, or part of it.
12. In which 1975 film did Richard Dreyfuss play a marine biologist called Matt Hooper? - Jaws
13. What is the name of the drink that consists of Brandy, Ginger Ale, and Angostura bitter? - Horse's neck
14. Who won Best British Group at the 2009 Brit Awards? - Elbow
15. The very tasty fish sold in many restaurants sometimes known as a Common European is also known as what? - Dover sole
16. What is unusual about the painting style of Australian artist Tim Patch He paints with his? - penis
17. One of the most effective and efficient forms of marketing is abbreviated to the initials WOM; what is it? - Word Of Mouth
18. Who wrote Room At The Top? - John Braine
19. From what were balloons originally made? - Animal bladders
20. SPURT ANY GORE HERE (you must be getting the connection by now)? - Open Heart Surgery
21. Which battle site, the scene of an Indian massacre in 1890 was occupied in 1973 by the American Indian Movement? - Wounded Knee
22. What is the currency of Costa Rica and El Salvador? - Colon
23. In Rugby Union what position does the number 15 play? - Full-back
24. What term describes half of the diameter of a circle? - Radius
25. What was the first Rambo film called? - First Blood
26. Which type of small orange has a thicker skin than normal that makes it easy to peel and are characterized by a secondary growth at the apex? - Navel
27. What was the name of the Rolling Stones album that had a zip on the cover? - Sticky Fingers
28. From what type of tree do we get dates and coconuts? - Palm
29. On what are the world's smallest paintings painted? - Pin heads
30. Relating to mobile phones, what is the area covered by a base station (or aerial) called? - A cell
31. On which piece of equipment used by blacksmiths would you find a hardy-hole? - Anvil
32. From which song are these lyrics taken, 'I never dreamed it could be over, I never wanted to say goodbye'? - Over My Shoulder Mike and the Mechanics
33. Brad, finish, clout, casing and horseshoe are types of what? - Nails
34. What is the string side of a longbow called? - The belly
35. What type of hand held device was used to put out incendiary bombs in WW2? - Stirrup pump
36. What is the American equivalent of a short head in horse racing? - Nose
37. By The Sleepy Lagoon is the theme music for which radio programme? - Desert Island Discs
38. Which island did King Kong come from? - Skull Island
39. Who leads the Muppets' jazz band? - Dr. Teeth
40. Connection? - Body Parts

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