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Remember to check the answers with another source! When compiling large numbers of questions, mistakes can and sometimes do happen. * Tip: A quick way to check the questions and/or answers is to use Google. FREE Gifts for YOU

Free Questions Series 3 Guest Submissions - 130

Bill Turnbull Quiz Site | Bob's (Mobocurt) Quiz Site
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This series of questions is where you can submit YOUR questions for publication on this site. We welcome your submissions. All submissions are of course subject to editing to suit the site's terms of use and conditions. Generally I prefer to use 20 questions per quiz as this makes it easier for someone to build a quiz to suit their particular needs. All questions are available for public use, however, the copyright remains with the original author, so public use does not include using these questions for any on or offline publications without the authors permission,
Submit Here Tell me if you would like to be acknowledged as the author of your quiz and if you wish to have a link to your website. (A link back to http://www.quiz4free.com/  would be appreciated, thanks.)

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Quiz 1b
A Special Quiz
Quiz 2b
Place Names!
Quiz 3b
General Knowledge
Quiz 4b
General Knowledge
Quiz 5b
General Knowledge
Quiz 6b
General Knowledge
Quiz 7b
General Knowledge
Quiz 8b
General Knowledge
Quiz 9b

Quiz 10b
General Knowledge
Quiz 11b General Knowledge Quiz 12b
A bit of a conundrum!
Quiz 13b
Guess the singer and the song!
Quiz 14b
General Knowledge
Quiz 15b
General Knowledge
Quiz 16b
All Answers Start With V
Quiz 17b General Knowledge Quiz 18b General Knowledge Quiz 19b
Picture Quiz
Bob, Mobo Enterprises
Quiz 20b Festive Quiz
Bob, Mobo Enterprises
Quiz 21b
Bob, Mobo Enterprises
Quiz 22b
Died in 2013 Picture Quiz
Quiz 23b General Knowledge Quiz 24b
Triple Challenge!
Quiz 25b
Sports Presenters
Picture Quiz
Quiz 26b
WW1 Set 1
Bill Turnbull
Quiz 27b
WW1 Set 2
Bill Turnbull
Quiz 28b
WW1 Set 3
Bill Turnbull
Quiz 29b
Burns Night Picture Quiz
Quiz 30b
General Knowledge
Quiz 31b General Knowledge Quiz 32b General Knowledge Quiz 33b Connection
40 Q&A's
Quiz 34b General Knowledge Quiz 35b General Knowledge Quiz 36b General Knowledge Quiz 37b General Knowledge Quiz 38b General Knowledge Quiz 39b General Knowledge Quiz 40b General Knowledge
Quiz 41b General Knowledge Quiz 42b WW1 Set 4
Bill Turnbull
Quiz 43b Cryptic Bird Quiz 1 Quiz 44b Cryptic Bird Quiz 2 Quiz 45b  Famous Novels Quiz 46b Makes of Car - Anagrams Quiz 47b Advertising Slogans Quiz 48b Johnny Depp Picture Quiz Quiz 49b General Knowledge Quiz 50b General Knowledge
Quiz 51b WW1 Set 5 Quiz 52b
General Knowledge
Quiz 53b
General Knowledge
Quiz 54b
General Knowledge
Quiz 55b
General Knowledge
Quiz 56b
General Knowledge
Quiz 57b
General Knowledge
Quiz 58b
Bumper 40 Question set
Quiz 59b
Bumper 40 Questions
Quiz 60b
Famous Cars From TV and Film
Quiz 61b
Place Names
Bumper 40 Question set
Quiz 62b
General Knowledge
Quiz 63b
General Knowledge
Quiz 64b
A FISHY TALE Bumper 40 questions
Quiz 65b
General Knowledge

Bumper 40 questions
Quiz 66b
General Knowledge
20 questions
Quiz 67b
General Knowledge
20 questions
Quiz 68b
General Knowledge
Bonus Edition

40 questions
Quiz 69b
General Knowledge
Quiz 70b
General Knowledge
Quiz 71b
Dr. Who Special
100 Questions
(Sent  by Iky)
Quiz 72b
General Knowledge
Quiz 73b
General Knowledge
Quiz 74b
General Knowledge
Quiz 75b
General Knowledge
Quiz 76b
Family Fortunes style
Quiz 77b
General Knowledge
Quiz 78b
General Knowledge
79b Special 40 questions General Knowledge Quiz 80b Special
33 questions: Jackpot game
Quiz 81b Adverts Sent in by: Shane Barr Quiz 82b
General Knowledge
Sent in by: Shane Barr
Quiz 83b
America quiz
Quiz 84b
Music Quiz
Quiz 85b
Movies, Picture Quiz
Quiz 86b
Supermarket Sweep

You'll love this one!
Quiz 87b
Quiz 88b
Alphabetical Movies!
Quiz 89b
Superstar singers/young
Picture Quiz
Quiz 90b
Name the Famous/Infamous Ian's Picture Quiz
Quiz 91b
An A-Z of Body Parts!
Quiz 92b
Classic British Food
Quiz 93b
An A-Z of Countries Official Motto's
Quiz 94b
12 signs of the Zodiac
Quiz 95b
First AMERICAN No.1's
Quiz 96b
Name the film or series of films...
Quiz 97b
Young & old celebrities
Quiz 98b
Answers all begin with 'T'
Quiz 99b
Movie Quiz
Quiz 100b
Reality Show Winners
Quiz 101b
Did these
actors appear in these movies
Quiz 102b
Name the Bands
Quiz 103b
Begin With a C
by Ray Tyson
Quiz 104b
by Ray Tyson
Quiz 105b
Paul Steele 1
Quiz 106b
Paul Steele 2
Quiz 107b
Paul Steele 3
Quiz 108b
by Ray Tyson
Letter 'K'
Quiz 109b
by Ray Tyson
BIRD THEME Picture Quiz
Quiz 110b
Cryptic Sports Quiz 1 by John Clark
Quiz 111b
Cryptic Sports Quiz 2 by John Clark
Quiz 112b
 by John Clark
Quiz 113b
 by John Clark
Quiz 114b  by John Clark Quiz 115b  by John Clark

Quiz 116b  by John Clark


Quiz 117b  by John Clark

Quiz 118b  by John Clark Quiz 119b  by John Clark

Quiz 120 by
John Clark

Sport Quiz 1


Quiz 121b
by John Clark
Sport Quiz 2

Quiz 122 by John Clark Quiz 123 by John Clark Quiz 124 by Bill Turnbull

Quiz 125b
Bill  Turnbull

Quiz 126b
By Ian Rennie
Cryptic Trees
Quiz 127b
By Ian Rennie
Cryptic Pop
Quiz 128 by Ian Rennie COUNTRIES
Quiz 129 by Ian Rennie CHRISTMAS ANAGRAMS 130b - From Jeff.


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