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Remember to check the answers with another source! When compiling large numbers of questions, mistakes can and sometimes do happen. Tip: A quick way to check the questions and/or answers is to use Google.


Questions - Set 89

  1. The Somers Islands has what more familiar name? Bermuda

  2. The Three Crowns is the national ice hockey team which country? Sweden

  3. What animals make up the Suidae family? Pigs

  4. In which cop show did Petrie and Isbecki appear? Cagney and Lacey

  5. In golf the no 10 iron is usually called what? Wedge

  6. What did the ancient Greeks use instead of soap? Olive Oil

  7. UK band involved in a US court case - Subliminal messages 80s? Judas Priest

  8. Who were the first people to measure the year? Babylonians

  9. Name the author who created Hannibal Lecter? Thomas Harris

  10. What does the name Ghengis Khan mean? Very Mighty Ruler

  11. In what movie did Sinatra sing My Kind of Town? Robin and the 7 Hoods

  12. What does the girls name Irene mean? Peace - Greek

  13. Who was Canada's first prime minister? Sir John MacDonald

  14. Stanley Burrell became famous as who? MC Hammer

  15. What colour is the cross on the Greek Flag? White

  16. What is added to brandy to make a sidecar? Cointreau or Triple Sec

  17. The name of which countries capital means good air? Argentina Buenos Aires

  18. Wo Fat was the enemy of which TV detective? Steve MacGarett

  19. If you had distrix what condition would you have? Hair - split ends

  20. What game was patented under the name Sphairistrike? Lawn Tennis

  21. PG Woodhouse books Bertie Wooster used what London Club? Drones

  22. By law what unpopular thing must prostitutes now do in Holland? Pay Income Tax

  23. The Roman road builders lacked which elementary tool? Wheelbarrow

  24. What is the sacred animal of Thailand? White Elephant

  25. We have all heard Hari Krishna - what does Krishna mean? Dark as a cloud

  26. Who said "never kick a fresh turd on a hot day"? Harry S Truman

  27. The word bank comes from the Italian banco literally meaning what? Bench where moneylender sat

  28. Who said sex is a bad thing it rumples the clothes? Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

  29. Marduk was the creator of the world to what ancient people? Babylonians

  30. In Switzerland its illegal to do what in an apartment after 10pm? Flush Toilet





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