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Remember to check the answers with another source! When compiling large numbers of questions, mistakes can and sometimes do happen. * Tip: A quick way to check the questions and/or answers is to use Google.

Tie Break Questions - The player/team closest to the correct answers is the winner!

Here's a handy selection of Tie Breakers from Bill Turnbull:

The record number of on-screen killings by one film character in a single film is held by Christian Bale, playing John Preston in the 2002 film Equilibrium. How many characters does he slay? - 118

How many films did Brigitte Bardot appear in before her premature retirement? - 48

How many real pigs were used in filming Babe? - 48

How many '58 Plymouth Furys were used to make the film "Christine"? - 9

How many films did John Wayne appear in? - 153

How many short comedies did the Three Stooges appear in? - 192

How many films did Laurel and Hardy make? - 117

How many confirmed kills does Rambo have in Rambo part 111? - 78

How many actors that have appeared in the Sopranos also took part in Martin Scorsese gangster film, Goodfellas? - 27

How many people has Rambo liquidated in all four Rambo films? - 220

In the sixties Batman TV series how many episodes were made? - 120

How many words are there in the Shakespeare plays? - 814,780

How many words did Shakespeare write including the sonnets? - 884,647

How many episodes of the radio programme Down Your Way were there? - 733

How many episodes of Crossroads did Noelle Gordon appear in? - 3521

In Coronation Street how many boyfriends did Elsie Tanner have? - 23

How many films did Frank Sinatra make? - 58

How many dog spots did Disney artists draw for the 1961 cartoon, One Hundred and One Dalmatians? - 6,469,952

How many costume changes did Liz Taylor make in Cleopatra? - 65

How many editions of University Challenge did Bamber Gascoigne preside over? - 973

How many days did it Take Michael Palin to go from Pole to Pole? - 141

How many miles is one light year? - 5,865,696,000,000 miles

How many shops are there in Oxford Street, also known as Europe's busiest shopping street? - 548

The biggest temperature variation in one day occurred in Montana, USA when the temperature fell from 7 degrees centigrade to what? - Minus 46C

How many times does the word "love" appear in the Bible? - 733

In square miles, how big is Lake Ontario? - 7550

How many islands and islets surround the British mainland? - 6228

The largest ever teddy bears picnic was held in Dublin in 1995. How many bears were there? - 33,73

How many steps are there to the top of the Eiffel tower? - 1007

How many steps are there up the leaning tower of Pisa? - 296

The average bra is designed to last for how many days use? - 180

How many pairs of shoes did Imelda Marcos possess in her Philippine palace? - 1060

How many entries were there in London's first phone book in 1880? - 255

How many years in prison was Son of Sam David Berkowitz the mass murderer sentenced to? - 547

In England in 1810 how many capital crimes were on the statute books? - 222

How many people survived the sinking of RMS Titanic? - 706 (492 passengers and 214 crew)

How many people were lost when the Titanic sank? - 1513 (1403 were passengers)

How many islands of the British isles are specifically identified? - 803

How many towns in Great Britain are called Newport? - 11

The British Isles, how many isles exactly? - 6289

How many steps are there up to Big Ben? - 374

How many German bomber planes were shot down in the Battle of Britain in WW2? - 1014

How many British fighter planes were shot down during the Battle of Britain in WW2? - 1023

How many British merchant ships were sunk in WW1? - 2038

How many men were got back from Dunkirk? - 338226

How many British merchant ships were sunk in WW2? - 4786

For how many days did the Vietnam war last? - 7382


And here's some of my own:

Longest river: Source - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Longest_rivers

 1. The worlds longest river according to our source is the Nile. How long is it in miles? - 4157 miles.

 2. The worlds longest river according to our source is the Nile. How long is it in km? - 6690 km.

 3. In 1990 what was the population of Tanzania? - 24,518,000
 4. If you take 1 pound (lb) of cobwebs and spread them out in 1 straight line, how long will will they be in miles? - 
48.000 (Or twice round the world!)
 5. What is the distance between London, England and Paris, France, as the crow flies? - 213 miles (343km) (185 nautical miles) 
Note: We have given 3 possible answers. Adjust question for each answer.
 6. The World's second largest desert is the Australian Desert. How many square miles does it occupy? - 598,455 
 7. What is the Earth's mean distance from the Sun in Miles? - 92,960,000 (149,600,000 km) 

 8. What is the maximum depth of the Atlantic Ocean in feet? - 36,197
 9. Queensland is the second largest state in Australia, how many square kilometres is it? - 1,727,200 Square Kilometres. 
10. How tall in feet is Salisbury Cathedral's spire from ground to tip? - 404 feet
11. On what date was Queen Bodicea's grave found under platform 8 of Kings Cross Station? - 21st February 1988



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